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The First Independent Contemporary Esoteric Training Centre in the UK

Teaching the Esoteric and Occult Arts and Sciences for Today

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For more information about Keswick, Cumbria, where courses are held, and our venues, click here

The Far Away Centre in the Media

We are able to assist media enquiries into all aspects of occultism, Tarot and Witchcraft. See the links below for our most recent article contributions to a range of media events, interviews, and launches, whether for a popular TV show such as "Eastwick" or a University Art Gallery premiere. We can provide workshops, interviews, and research information for all Esoteric, Tarot, Witchcraft related events and news.

We have a great relationship with loca, specialist, mass-popular, international media and as a result we produce well-informed, sympathetic and non-sensationalist articles.


August 2009: The Far Away Centre is featured in the book, "Mysterious Lake District".

Mysterious Lake District

July 2009: The Far Away Centre is featured in "The Book of English Magic" and Marcus Katz named in the acknowledgements.

Book of English Magic

July 2009: The first TAROSOPHY® Tarot conference is held with Rachel Pollack and leading teachers of Tarot & Astrology.

Tarot Workshop


"Marcus is someone who Knows - who really Knows, where others can only guess".

- Rachel Pollack, Author of "78 Degrees of Wisdom" and "Tarot Wisdom"

"I am pleased to have at last found a teacher who I can really trust"

Lucy M, Tarot Student (2009)

"... The Tarot reading all came together and for the first time I actually feel a sense of achievement. It wasn't just the individual cards that seemed to speak through me but also their juxtaposition,  overall patterns and then other patterns within those patterns (like wheels within wheels) and we  literally identified a cycle of behaviour that the Querent had played out over a number of years ... the Tarot felt like a living breathing organism that was holding my hand and each card contained aspects of every other card."

Julia, Advanced Tarot Student, 2009

Witchcraft RitualThesmophoria Weekend Photographs: See the events from our recent Greek Mystery School weekend, held in pagan caves, woods, stone circles and hilltops overlooking the lakeside. Also images of our temple and altar. These were taken by a visiting photojournalist keen to document authentic esoteric teaching.

Welcome to the Far Away Centre, where you can join us for Esoteric Workshops in Tarot, Witchcraft, Kabbalah, Thelema, Alchemy, and methods as old as Ancient Egyptian Ritual and as contemporary as the Inner Guide Meditation.

At the Far Away Centre we offer a unique range of esoteric courses & workshops, in the heart of the English Lake District and online. There is nowhere else like this in the country - our students travel here from the rest of the world to transform their life and experience real magick!

With thirty years practical experience, a professional teacher, a large dedicated Temple, grove area and academic rigour (and access to rare materials you won't find anywhere else) our courses are ground-breaking. You'll learn ancient techniques to live a truly magickal life.

In a range of venues in Keswick, all a stone's throw from Derwentwater Lake and Castlerigg stone circle, be our guest as you learn the esoteric arts in a friendly and supportive environment.


Spring Term:

Tarot I ... February 5th-6th 2011

Inner Guide Meditation Workshop ... May 7th 2011

Witchcraft ... May 28th-29th 2011

Summer Term:

Tarot I ... June 4th-5th 2011

Tarot II ... August 13th-14th 2011

Witchcraft ... August 20th-21st 2011

Autumn/Fall Term:

Tarot I ... October 15th-16th 2011

Winter Term

Tarot III ... November 5th-6th 2011

Tarot Courses I, II & III : Reviews, photographs and feedback. Get a glimpse of why so many students first question is "when can I come on the next course?" and why these courses are the fastest way to learn comprehensive and confident tarot reading.

Witchcraft Weekend: Come join us for our friendly introduction to Witchcraft suitable for those looking to learn more about the Craft or practitioners wishing to sharpen up their magicks! Make new friends and work in a temple, grove and stone circle!

Apprenticeship Program: A unique one-year opportunity to become apprenticed to a real magician, and work towards initiation in the western esoteric tradition. Gain access to rare and unique materials in a program of work like no other. Also available as a self-study option, The Crucible course.

IGMInner Guide Meditation Day - Experience the IGM Method with 25 years of experience as your guide. This method combines Astrology, Tarot and other methods in a powerful tool for self-discovery. Features ideas not in the published book, gained from having run this for hundreds of groups and individuals, also magical and therapeutic ideas not featured in the book.


Tarot BookTarot Flip: The ideal beginners book for reading Tarot straight out of the box! This 50pp booklet comes with a "What you say" section for every card, upright and reversed, innovative themes and easy-to-learn concepts for every card. Learn how to get any meaning to fit any question you want to ask the Tarot and much more in this "simple yet profound" book on Tarot.

Alchemy CourseThe Alchemical Amphitheatre: Learn to live a Transformative life through Magical Alchemy! An Alchemy course in six monthly modules available as a download or paperback book. (136 pages with rituals, exercises, experiments & meditations).

Planetary MagickThe Zodiacal Rituals: Learn to empower your life over twelve months with the rituals of a secret magical order! The book also presents a guide to Sigil Magick, how to write your own powerful invocations and focus your Will to achieve magickal effects! (136 pages including all rituals and solitary version notes).

Tarosophist International - buy copies of the world's best Tarot magazine, Tarosophist International, download or print featuring innovative articles, spreads and reviews by leading tarot authors and readers! Now with an Annual special. See the Lulu store on the link to preview the cover and contents of all issues.

Develop your Tarot with Tarot Professionals Worldwide!

TarotTarot Professionals Network: Join us for on-line Tarot Courses, Discussion Forums, Licensing and Tarot Development. Tarot Professionals get discounts on our courses and students of our Tarot Professionalsactual f2f courses get automatic membership and licensing as a Tarot professional.

TarotTarosophist Conference 2011 - Join us in the most beautiful venue in England by the shores of Derwentwater Lake for our 2011 Tarosophy Tarot Conference. With guest speakers including Ciro Marchetti and Dan Pelletier (Tarot Garden) and masterclasses in tarot for beginners and professionals alike. See our video clip of the worlds leading Tarot author Rachel Pollack from our highly-acclaimed 2009 conference.

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