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For more information about Keswick, Cumbria, where courses are held, and our venues, click here

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January 2008: Marcus Katz becomes the first student in the world to receive a UK Masters Degree in Western Esotericism from the University of Exeter.

February 2008: The Far Away Centre runs its first bespoke Tarot Face-to-Face course.

March 2008: We announce the Transylvania Trip and the imminent opening of the Tarot Professionals site.

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We also have a wonderful free 31-page booklet here for you which includes advice from some of our most experienced friends in Magick & Witchcraft, including Soror Nema, author of Ma'at Magick, Pete Carrol, author of Liber Null and developer of Chaos Magick, Michael Staley, editor of the fabulous OTO magazine, Starfire, Donald Michael Kraig, author of Modern Magick, John Michael Greer, author of Circles of Power, and many more.

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Our Famous Free Downloadable Pocket Guides are our distillation of some of the more complex areas of Magick into a single-page Beginners Guide. Since their publication some years ago, these are now highly popular, circulated widely on file-sharing networks and copied on other sites. You can read the originals here and be the first to receive updates and new guides by checking here weekly!

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