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January 2008: Marcus Katz becomes the first student in the world to receive a UK Masters Degree in Western Esotericism from the University of Exeter.

February 2008: The Far Away Centre runs its first bespoke Tarot Face-to-Face course.

March 2008: We announce the Transylvania Trip and the imminent opening of the Tarot Professionals site.

Personal Tuition and Magickal Apprenticeship

I offer a one-year initiatory course in the Western Magickal Tradition for a limited number of apprentices each year.

This mentorship demands commitment to following a unique set of Magickal practices, study of Kabbalah, Tarot, Pathworking, Dream-Work, Alchemy and individual exercises. This course follows the initiatory system of the Golden Dawn and culminates in the Neophyte initiation ritual, which you would attend (or self-perform if you cannot).

There are also two weekend 'Summer Schools' which can be attended (or held by video-conference/on-line chat).

Following twenty years of my own journey, and a recent extended six-month ritual, I am now moved to pass on certain teachings to others. You will learn practices in an initiatory order to culminate in a massive transformation of your entire world-view. In short, you will become truly initiated as it is meant in the Mystery Schools and secret traditions, not as a mere exercise or award.

This initiatory journey is extremely demanding and transformative. If you think you may be absolutely ready to embark on such a journey, please download our Invitation.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be apprenticed to a contemporary hermetic scholar-magician!

Ready now? Accept our Invitation?

E-mail me personally at

Four Apprentices have already completed this life-changing journey and have without fail reported that it exceeded their conceptions of 'Magick' by a hundred-fold and has resulted in powerful shifts of awareness, life-style changes and a new relationship to the Universe. All have chosen to go on to further work in our private Order to live a truly magickal life!

NEW: THE CRUCIBLE PROGRAM! Self-Study the Western Mysteries!

The Crucible Program is a self-study version of the Apprenticeship course for those looking for a comprehensive and directed path through the western esoteric mysteries. This is ideal for those interested in apprenticeship whilst on a different budget or with less time - or looking for a more directed course. Or simply something they can study at their own pace whilst including the best materials available.

This program includes twelve monthly lessons, comprising three parts; theoria, praxis and techne (theory, practice and contemplation) along with on-line video presentations and much more. You will learn not only the essential rituals but why they are important and how they build up to change your state of being in the world. The material presented is unique to this program and comprehensive; alchemy, ritual, kabbalah, tarot, magick, thelema, and lesser-known areas such as chaos magick and ma'at magick, in addition to deep understanding of hermeticism and gnostic ideas.

Please e-mail for your invitation to the program and further details, stating your name, age, residence and esoteric interests/background.

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