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We have a great relationship with local and international media and as a result we produce well-informed, sympathetic and non-sensationalist articles.


August 2009: The Far Away Centre is featured in the book, "Mysterious Lake District".

Mysterious Lake District

July 2009: The Far Away Centre is featured in "The Book of English Magic" and Marcus Katz named in the acknowledgements.

Book of English Magic

July 2009: The first TAROSOPHY® Tarot conference is held with Rachel Pollack and leading teachers of Tarot & Astrology.

Tarot Workshop

June 2009: Marcus is contracted to write two books - one on Magick and another on Tarot. These will feature unique and unpublished work from thirty years of practice and study and will be published in Spring and Summer 2010.

April 2009: Marcus delivers an academic paper on Tarot at the PCA/ACA conference, New Orleans.

"Marcus is someone who Knows - who really Knows, where others can only guess".

- Rachel Pollack, Author of "78 Degrees of Wisdom".

"... The Tarot reading all came together and for the first time I actually feel a sense of achievement. It wasn't just the individual cards that seemed to speak through me but also their juxtaposition,  overall patterns and then other patterns within those patterns (like wheels within wheels) and we  literally identified a cycle of behaviour that the Querent had played out over a number of years ... the Tarot felt like a living breathing organism that was holding my hand and each card contained aspects of every other card. My biggest challenge was to put into words the feelings that the cards and spread conveyed to me. The querent said she expected nothing but a professional reading as it was me but was amazed at how I wove and told such an accurate story of her life from pieces of brightly coloured card!"

Julia, Advanced Tarot Student, 2009



 Your Tutor: Marcus Katz

Marcus Katz, founder of the Far Away Centre, is an initiated Witch-Priest and Magickal Adept with over twenty-five years experience.

In addition to extensive practitioner working of Kabbalah, Tarot, Ritual, Golden Dawn, Witchcraft, Chaos Magick and Alchemy, Marcus was the first academic to complete the Masters Degree (M.A.) in Western Esotericism at the prestigious University of Exeter.

He is now writing a six-year research thesis for a PhD in the Western Esoteric Tradition. This gives him access to private libraries and material not available to the public which inform the Far Away Centre courses with unique methods and teaching.

His articles have appeared in many publications over the last twenty years, ranging from the first issue of Chaos International, the Lamp of Thoth, and many other journals which are now part of esoteric legend! He now writes both practical and academic articles and has three books published, "The Magician's Kabbalah", "The Alchemical Amphitheatre", and "The Zodiacal Rituals".

As an educator, he is an accredited NLP Trainer, trained by Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler over five years. His studies in NLP and the art of Communication & Hypnotherapy have led him to combine unique aspects of rapid cognitive therapy with initiatory practices previously reserved for closed orders or unknown outside of academia.

Marcus has spent the last ten years travelling globally, visiting Shinto shrines in Japan, studying Hieroglyphs in Egypt, and working professionally across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the USA (where he once spent a whole day trying to find an esoteric bookstore in Chicago only to find it closed that day! He did meet ex-president Bill Clinton later that same day, but that's another story!) He has an MBA (University of Central Lancashire) and has worked in IT from beach-front hotels in Thailand to Welding Warehouses in Chorley, so has "seen the world" so to speak :-)

As a tutor, he runs an online Kabbalah course  as well as recently becoming a tutor for the Magicka school where he teaches his one-year Kabbalah Course. He is co-creator of the Zodiacal Rituals which were run for many private esoteric groups over five years and the basis of the 'Ma'at Network' gatherings for a similar time.

He has met, worked with & corresponded with most of the legendary names of living occultism in the last two decades. One day he'll put all the letters on Ebay, make a million, and move to the Bahamas ...!


L. Studying Alchemy at the Ritman Library, Amsterdam (2005), C. Teaching Kabbalah (2007), R. NLP Stage Training with Paul McKenna, John Lavalle & Richard Bandler (2006).

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