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Witchcraft Courses at the Far Away Centre

Take part in authentic Witchcraft from the heart and rediscover your Pagan Soul! Our Weekend Witchcraft Course provides you a profound grounding in real Witchcraft drawing upon thirty years of experience, to ensure you gain the best introduction to Neo-Pagan practice. Your learning is delivered by a trained trainer, to ensure personal attention, flexibility and recognition of your own learning style and level of experience. Each course weekend is as unique as the participants, varying from outdoor and temple work, learning tarot, making magical incense, scrying ...

A professional approach is taken with our materials, to give you an excellent course book and a CD containing our exclusive presentation, images and background reading. Once you have completed the course, you will be sure to want to keep in touch with your new friends and other friends of the Far Away Centre by means of our social networking site and forum for ongoing discussions. You will take your learning into your life with support and advice from others in a friendly and informed environment. Our students always comment on how friendly and down-to-earth they find the whole weekend - and we aim to make it so.

Having been a High-Priest in a private Witchcraft coven for over twenty-five years, and 'growing-up' prior to the 'Charmed' and 'Buffy' versions of "Wicca", I offer you this two-day course in the practical aspects of Witchcraft for those wishing an authentic & meaningful connection to the powers of Nature in their own life. This course is ideal for those new to the Craft, experienced practitioners interested in seeking initiation, or those looking to sharpen the magickal aspects of their Witchcraft.

You will learn unique magical methods and techniques including:

  • The Secret Elemental Tools
  • Male & Female Magicks in Witchcraft
  • The Real History of the Craft
  • Circle Magick
  • Purification and Consecration
  • Dedication
  • Making Real Incense for Magick
  • Advanced Visualisation Techniques
  • Trance-Space
  • Tarot and Crystal/Mirror Divination - secret methods!
  • Writing Rituals that Work
  • Dream-Work and Inner Landscape Work
  • Activating Powerful Pagan Archetypes in your Life
  • Working with the Gods and Goddesses
  • Treading the Path of the Seasons
  • and much more!

This course draws upon material no longer in print, including rare works by and about Gerald Gardner, Alex Sanders, Maxine Sanders, Patricia Crowther, Janet Farrar and more! Our extensive library of several thousand books & magazines is yours to browse and discover the best books for your personal study, recommended to you personally. We also have a large fully-dedicated indoor Temple & outdoor Grove area for practical work and Castlerigg, our local Stone Circle! You will experience what it is like to work in a coven with other witches.

Simply e-mail us if you have any questions or would like to book a place on one of our unique courses. You may also like to see our recent interviews, media inclusions, and book references to get to know us a little more before booking. We truly look forward to supporting and developing your personal journey in Witchcraft and if you have any questions at all, we will do our best to answer them immediatetly.

This course appeals to men and women alike, with little or no experience in Witchcraft to those with some background looking to deepen their experience. Most of our teaching is exclusive to our approach and not found in published materials - we aim to explain why certain tools are used, what terms mean, and the known history of Witchcraft instead of the romantic notions of fiction. If you want to know where the "Book of Shadows" comes from, what an "Athame" is, or why Witches may say "Merry Meet" to each other, we can provide considered answers!

The venue for our courses is quite simply the most beautiful location in the country. We are based in a white-washed stone cottage in the woods in the town of Keswick, in the heart of the English Lake District. We have had students travel from across the UK, Europe, and from Japan and China.

You may wish to stay an extra day or so to explore Derwentwater Lake, Catbells, Skiddaw, or many other beautiful fells, mountains, waterfalls, lakes and woods within a brief drive. We are happy to guide you.

Travelling to us is surprisingly easy. We are connected by the M6 both north and south, and a regular train to/from London and the country at Penrith station.

2011 Schedule, Course Information Sheet/Booking Form (Witchcraft)
Course Date
Booking Form
May 28th-29th 2011 Email us for May Booking Form  
August 20th-21st 2011 Email us for August Booking Form  

Price: 155

Payment Methods: Cheque or Paypal (Credit/Debit Cards)

Instructions: Send Booking Form by post with cheque or post/e-mail if using Paypal to pay). Address on Form.

Includes: 2 days training, venue, lunch & drinks both days & all materials. Transport to/from your accomodation & train station (Penrith) if required. Visit to Stone Circle or Wooded Hilltop included. Loan of Robe and Tarot deck included - please advise if these are required or purchase in advance from the links below - both optional although reccomended if you intend to practice further.

Witchcraft Course Information Sheet
Buy a Tarot Deck here (Rider-Waite Smith)
Finding Accomodation in Keswick & Keswick Information
Recommended Witchcraft Reading List

Videos & Interviews

In 2009, we were interviewed by award-winning photojournalist Alice Smeets for a multimedia project on Witchcraft in Contemporary Society. We are pleased to present an extract from that interview.


Watch the second and third extracts from this Interview here on Youtube

Alice also created a mini-documentary piece on our work which you can watch here .

Books Including The Far Away Centre

The Far Away Centre is included in the recommended resources listed in The Book of English Magic by Philip Carr-Gomm (Head of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids) & Richard Heygate, available in June 2009.

The Far Away Centre is also included in the Guide to the Mysterious Lake District by Geoff Holder, available in Autumn 2009.

You may also like to check out our own publications on Ritual, Alchemy and Tarot from Forge Press.


We have been delighted to have the award-winning photo-journalist Alice Smeets accompany us on our recent courses, rituals and events. In preparation for a work on Witchcraft in Contemporary Society, she has taken a series of incredible photographs of our training work. These images capture the magic of our events, the joy and intensity of participants, and the down-to-earth nature and humour that informs all our activities!

For Alice's photographs from our recent Thesmophoria Ritual, which involved four rituals from Dawn to Midnight, in caves, woods, stone circles and temple, see our Thesmophoria Page.


Articles in Local and National Media

We have a positive and friendly relationship with our local media, who are keen to contact us for details of each festival and responses to Neo-pagan activities and news in Cumbria. The resulting articles are informative, sympathetic, accurate, balanced and positive. Our contacts are intelligent and interested, resulting in none of the disdain or condescending attitudes evidenced elsewhere. We feel very honoured and privileged to have our viewpoint represented to the public in this manner and do not feel any need to defend ourselves or excuse ourselves - so we can get on with developing and promoting a positive outlook for Witchcraft!

Click on the article image or here for a text extract from our contribution to the Samhain 2008 issue of our local newspaper. We discuss our approach to the festivals and the appropriation of Samhain as Halloween. We also consider the commericialism of the festival itself.

The whole article balanced our view with a Christian viewpoint and the experience of a local fancy-dress shop who were reporting that their sales were higher than at any previous year! A delightful picture of Catwoman and Evil Red Riding Hood did lead to a slight confusion that these were perhaps participants on our courses!

Podcasts, Websites and International Media Coverage

Our well-received articles on Witchcraft in the Faith column of the New Statesman magazine.

Recent Feedback from our Students


"The method of casting a circle we learnt in the first twenty minutes was beyond anything I've ever read in a book!"

"The most astonishingly clear way of teaching Tarot I've ever come across. Very few people could say 'That's forty cards learnt' after just a few minutes and mean it!"

"What I found was inspiring was the Charge of the Goddess and ritual."

"It's the first time I've opened and closed a circle with other people in a Temple. It was wonderful and I got exactly what I came for - real practical experience."

"Trance States! Wow!"

"I enjoyed the feeling of being part of a coven which I did not think I would."

"I wasn't expecting a big folder full of material - even a presentation, all of which was on the CD's so I could use them at home. Very very professional!"

"I could have stayed outside the cottage just listening to the river for many more days ..."

"The discovery that there are Solar Goddesses has answered a long-lasting block on my own personal spiritual quest. Thank you again!"


"a vast library"

"Great weekend, lovely people and venue ..."

"I was surprised by the down-to-earth nature of the course and that I could make a connection and learn from like-minded people"

"I was surprised how easily I felt at ease with others in a temple ritual"

"I learnt most about the impact of personal practice on the outcomes of situations"

"This course has helped me respect the power of ritual"

"A well-structured yet flexible course"

"The weekend and conversations have helped me explain events over the last two years of my life and also as an artist I feel I could now incorporate my love of nature and Witchcraft into my paintings"

"The course has helped me think about my direction in exploring Magick. Casting a circle and carrying out ritual was a great learning experience. Taking part was an amazing experience. Thank you!"

"Does everyone always get on so well and make friends on every course like we have?!"

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