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August 2009: The Far Away Centre is featured in the book, "Mysterious Lake District".

Mysterious Lake District

July 2009: The Far Away Centre is featured in "The Book of English Magic" and Marcus Katz named in the acknowledgements.

Book of English Magic

July 2009: The first TAROSOPHY® Tarot conference is held with Rachel Pollack and leading teachers of Tarot & Astrology.

Tarot Workshop

June 2009: Marcus is contracted to write two books - one on Magick and another on Tarot. These will feature unique and unpublished work from thirty years of practice and study and will be published in Spring and Summer 2010.

April 2009: Marcus delivers an academic paper on Tarot at the PCA/ACA conference, New Orleans.

"Marcus is someone who Knows - who really Knows, where others can only guess".

- Rachel Pollack, Author of "78 Degrees of Wisdom".

"... The Tarot reading all came together and for the first time I actually feel a sense of achievement. It wasn't just the individual cards that seemed to speak through me but also their juxtaposition,  overall patterns and then other patterns within those patterns (like wheels within wheels) and we  literally identified a cycle of behaviour that the Querent had played out over a number of years ... the Tarot felt like a living breathing organism that was holding my hand and each card contained aspects of every other card. My biggest challenge was to put into words the feelings that the cards and spread conveyed to me. The querent said she expected nothing but a professional reading as it was me but was amazed at how I wove and told such an accurate story of her life from pieces of brightly coloured card!"

Julia, Advanced Tarot Student, 2009



Inner Guide Meditation Days

The unique Inner Guide Meditation Workshop Day covers the technique devised by Edwin Steinbrecher (1930-2002), and the method, self-development, integrated Tarot, Kabbalah and the Astrology that underpins the IGM system. This is great for teaching others and medium-length therapeutic work; it also takes your Tarot to a dynamic new level. You will receive a full chart and worksheet developed for the system by Marcus Katz and Lyn Birkbeck, a leading Astrologer and author.

The cost is £155 for the day and the group will be small and personal. Click on your required day below to email us for full information sheet and booking form.

IGM May 7th 2011

I've been teaching this method for over 20 years to workshops and individuals, and it's always wonderfully received and embraced. It also fits in with neo-pagan and shamanic practice; truly a "tool for the 21st century"! I am always surprised how many people have never heard of it, or fully appreciated it's power and versatility. I've used it in hypnotherapy with private clients, in tarot workshops, and on business courses! I have hundreds of records of individuals using it, which I draw upon in my teaching to ensure you have the widest experience possible and ability to deal with anything that comes up through the technique.

This workshop is one of a kind (I haven't publicly taught the IGM for a while, and I don't know anyone else in the UK doing so) and gives you also a unique "selling point" in your own teaching and change-work. I am very keen to see this technique enlivened in the UK and Europe.

To request a unique IGM Worksheet and Chart, giving you a comprehensive spiritual road-map and series of encounters recommended to you personally from your Natal Chart and Tarot correspondences, contact us now. You can use this chart and Worksheet with the book, to inform your workings and get the best out of the technique. Our worksheet is based partly on Edwin Steinbrecher's original work, but has been updated and refined from thousands of workings with many hundreds of people carried out over more than twenty years.


Alchemy CourseThe Alchemical Amphitheatre: Learn to live a Transformative life through Magical Alchemy! An Alchemy course in six monthly modules available as a download or paperback book. (136 pages with rituals, exercises, experiments & meditations).

Planetary MagickThe Zodiacal Rituals: Learn to empower your life over twelve months with the rituals of a secret magical order! The book also presents a guide to Sigil Magick, how to write your own powerful invocations and focus your Will to achieve magickal effects! (136 pages including all rituals and solitary version notes).

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