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Our range of Tarot Weekend Workshops (2-Day Courses at all levels)

All courses include free first year student membership of Tarot Professionals

Learning Tarot Course Tarot Reading Materials Lake District Scene for Tarot Course

Find out for yourself why our students are now coming to the Far Away Centre in the Lake District from Canterbury and Cardiff, Orkney and Wolverhampton and all points inbetween! One student even flew from Shanghai to attend our courses! And why they're writing rave reviews such as;

"... over the past 17 years I have had the fortunate privilege to work with the best the tarot community has to offer; Rachel Pollack, Mary K. Greer, James Wanless, Angeles Arrien, Sandra Thomson, Lon Milo DuQuette, and many more. I am happy to add to the top of this list, Marcus Katz!"

- Carrie Paris, MA Student, Cosmology & Divination (University of Kent), Tarot Reader for 30 years.

Your teacher, Marcus Katz, author of Tarosophy and co-author of the Tarosophy KickStart Tarot Books, is Director of Tarot Professionals and is one of the country's most experienced Tarot Readers and Trainers, having read thousands of readings over thirty years. Join us at Tarot Town with over 3,000 other students to freely practice Tarot and make new friends!

The courses take you through three grades of learning:

Level I (Introduction Course) ... basic history, structure, spreads, reading skills - you will learn how to become a confident face-to-face reader and/or read for yourself.

Level II (Intermediate Course) ... Dignities, advanced reading, Opening of the Key - learn advanced spreads for full-year readings, and deepening interpretation skills.

Level III (Advanced Course) ... Powerful metaphors, Cube of Space, layering readings and more - learn how to bring tarot alive in your life, and appreciate the spiritual dimensions of the deck.


TAROT Level I (2-day)


Let us know by email your chosen date for Info Sheet & Booking Form - all courses must be booked & paid at least 2 weeks in advance.

5th - 6th February 2011

4th - 5th June 2011

15th - 16th October 2011

TAROT Level II (2-day)


Let us know by email your chosen date for Info Sheet & Booking Form - all courses must be booked & paid at least 2 weeks in advance.

13th - 14th August 2011

TAROT Level III (2-day)


Let us know by email your chosen date for Info Sheet & Booking Form - all courses must be booked & paid at least 2 weeks in advance.

5th - 6th November 2011

BOOK ALL THREE COURSES for 7.5% discount rate ... £450

"The Tarot course was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. I thank you also for sharing your huge knowledge of Tarot and the way in which you can impart such a huge amount of knowledge in such a short a time. There was never a moment wasted and I commend you how you put so much into one day. I have come away with far more confidence to take tarot to the next level and you taught me so much that I have never come across or likely to, in books on Tarot. You certainly have the ability to help your students slot it all together so to speak, in a format that cannot fail. I myself travelled a long way over 300 miles and it was so worth it, not only for the course but the beauty of the lake district was an added bonus." [C.C. Feb 2008]

For overseas students who cannot attend the Far Away Centre, check out our sister site at Tarot Professionals for a 5-week Certificate course, 6-month Diploma course & 2-year Degree-style Course, all on-line learning, including video presentations, full 300+ page coursebook, and Video-Mentoring.


Further Information about our Introductiuon Tarot Course

Whether you are a reader who is interested in taking your Tarot to a whole new level, or a beginner looking to learn Tarot quickly and comprehensively, this is the course for you! On our weekend, we look at the history and theory of Tarot, as well as lots of practical methods of reading the cards for your own self-development or for other people. If you are nervous about reading for other people, here is an opportunity to learn confidence-building methods and practice with a friendly group!

This course is constructed with rare materials from private occult libraries around the world, as well as my own experience of reading for thousands of people over thirty years. In addition, you'll benefit by being trained by a trained NLP Trainer, not just a Tarot Reader, so expect some surprisingly fast learning on this course! You'll also receive a full folder containing the course documents, presentations and diagrams, (all written uniquely for this course) and a CD with multimedia materials from the course!

NEW: Our incredible Tarot Magazine, Tarosophy International, is now available quarterly with articles and spreads, reviews and research, to improve your Tarot in an interesting and enjoyable way. Both published and new Tarot authors contribute the best of Tarot Skills in the World. Buy it as a download or printed magazine with colour cover at our Far Away Centre Shop.

The courses are exquisitely structured, so even a throw-away line on the basic course may prove to be a seed of learning for the advanced course - exercises in the intermediate course are not only stand-alone, but prepare you for fast learning of advanced concepts later, and each course opens avenues for your own work.

You'll experience even more than this syllabus:

Learning the Tarot - Fast!
Shaping the Major Arcana
Meeting the Court Cards
The Patterns of the Minor Arcana
Face-to-Face Reading
Dream-Work with the Cards
Dealing with Difficult Cards
The Unique Wedding Day Tarot Journey
Tarot Magick and Rituals Tarot, Alchemy & Kabbalah
Advanced Reading methods Inner Landscape Methods
Unique Spreads & Layouts
The History of Tarot
The Structure of the Deck
Self-Discovery through Tarot

Watch our 10 minute sample clip below on Youtube. See how you can learn Kabbalah deeply and quickly with even a basic understanding of Tarot!

(Students on Intermediate course learning powerful large Tarot spreads)

Reviews from our recent Intermediate Course

"The teaching style ... easy to follow with lots of interesting exercises."

"So freeing to be able to discuss my practice with like-minded people!"

"Thank you for a couple of brilliant days! I have re-engaged with the Tarot and have been given a map for further exploration."

"Fabulous. Again, deepened my knowledge further and inspired me to pursue my work with the Tarot."

"Will be back in two months!"

The Magician'sTarot Weekend (April 2007) - Reviewed

Carrie Paris writes..

I have recently returned from what I have been calling my most treasured tarot gathering. At this point in my life I feel I can make this statement as over the past 17 years I have had the fortunate privilege to work with the best the tarot community has to offer; Rachel Pollack, Mary K. Greer, James Wanless, Angeles Arrien, Sandra Thomson, Lon Milo DuQuette, and many more. I am happy to add to the top of this list, Marcus Katz who has organized a truly informative and enlightening course called The Magical Tarot.

Tarot Readers Learning TarotI was guided to this workshop by my own inner voice. Despite my full time schedule, it yelled, “Go!” I was apprehensive about attending, not to mention the ten-hour journey seemed a bit far. And to be honest, I felt I had enough tarot workshops and doubted I would find anything that I hadn’t already experienced. However the message to attend came loud and clear. I was happy I didn’t ignore it!

I was seeking a deeper conscious understanding of the tarot, my life work, and am pleased to report that I found a meaningful emotional, intellectual, and spiritual relationship with the cards through a variety of exercises thoughtfully crafted and presented by Marcus. These included, but are not limited to:

  • Beautifully timed guided visualizations that brought the cards and my connection with them to life. If you haven’t conversed with the cards before, this is your chance.
  • A clear and usable understanding of the tarot’s rich relationship with the Kabbalah—a system I’ve always had problems functioning in--until now.
  • Techniques in reading etiquette including approaches for what Marcus called, “getting the big picture,” reflection analysis, using intuition, anchoring, feedback and summarizing, and what to do when challenging cards come up—as they will.
  • In-depth spreads where Marcus showed us how to look for patterns in numbers, suits, colors, and hidden possibilities and clues using his “10 + 4 + 4 + 22” system. A technique that provides the tools to begin reading the cards in one day without looking up their meaning in books.
  • A look at contemporary tarot decks, oracle decks, and their variants as well as the tarot’s place in literature. I especially enjoyed creating tarot haiku.

Reading the CardsAll of this (and so much more) was taught to a mixed class from beginners to advanced attendees—never an easy mix. Marcus, always the sensitive teacher and guide, was able to hold the attention of all, never giving anyone the sense of feeling lost, left out or confused. His teaching style was clear, grounded, enjoyable and energizing.

Ultimately, the opportunity to view what I hadn’t seen before through the offered lens of a new perspective deepened my resolve to present even more to those who seek assistance in connecting to their life-processes. Needless to say, I have returned deeply inspired and with innovative tools which have provided a new voice to my own daily practice to assist my clients in seeing the guidance they can find through the tarot’s divinational archetypes in the form of uncovering messages of empowerment, self-definition and transcendence.

The time I spent in the beauty of the Lake District added to this reflection and the Magical Tarot weekend combined with the exquisite environment has served me well. It is the strong belief of this reviewer that the benefits of this study are merely beginning to surface and will continue to guide my personal and client practice for many years".


(Students on our Introduction Course, also seen in the film clip learning Kabbalah)

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