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January 2008: Marcus Katz becomes the first student in the world to receive a UK Masters Degree in Western Esotericism from the University of Exeter.

February 2008: The Far Away Centre runs its first bespoke Tarot Face-to-Face course.

March 2008: We announce the Transylvania Trip and the imminent opening of the Tarot Professionals site.

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Thesmophoria Ritual Weekend

Where you can discover real Witchcraft for yourself!

Did you ever wonder where the real witches are? Where to find the witchcraft of which you dreamt? Secret rituals in hidden caves by the light of dawn, purified by waterfalls ... dancing to the sunset at stone circles ... midnight adorations of the goddess in a dedicated temple, offering incense that you have made by hand? Sharing cake and ale with friendly, serious, fellow witches, guided by trained and experienced Priests and Priestesses?


Authentic, inspired, creative Witchcraft from the Heart.

That's what you'll find here at the Far Away Centre. No second-hand modern work, no cliques, no gossip and politics, no affiliation to pagan organisations that have arisen in just the last twenty years. We have our roots in the past and our branches in the future! And inbetween, laughter and joy in the delight of Nature. We believe "the worker is hidden in the workshop" and we have no time for pagan politics or publicity other than as a by-product of our actual work with the Goddess, God and Divinities of Nature.

But don't just take our word for it. In the last two years, participants have returned time and time again from London, Manchester, Leicester, Birmingham, all across the country for our courses and events - commenting that there is truly nowhere else like the Far Away Centre!

Suitable for beginners and those already experienced elsewhere, our courses are packed with material, experience and the benefit of a library collected over thirty years with thousands of titles, rare recordings and witchcraft items.

Temple Work, Stone Circle & Wooded Hilltop over the Lakeside

Our recent two-day ritual event was joined by a photojournalist seeking genuine witchcraft teaching, and we are delighted to showcase her work and our events in the these photographs. Do enjoy the images and we look forward to your participation in our courses, workshops and events!

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Our Commitments to Teaching Excellence & Professional Consideration:

ALL Students receive FREE TRANSPORT to/from Penrith Train Station if travelling by train.

FAR-AWAY FRIEND Discounts for Booking Further Courses.

Optional MORNING RITUAL at Castlerigg Stone Circle on Most Courses.

All courses include the latest research, professional materials, handouts and CD's/DVD's where appropriate.

Courses suitable for all learning styles from the academic to the practical and designed for all levels from newcomer to experienced. 

Courses supported by on-line Forum and support to all participants.